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Welcome! We’re Steven and Suzanne Rogers-Dial and we have called Valley Center our home since the summer of 2000. We’ve been operating a (very) small trucking business, S & S Dump Truck Service, founded in 1998, and raising our three boys. All three have graduated from Valley Center High School, our youngest in 2009. We would like to share a little background leading up to the recent events prompting the creation of this website.

We’ve known Marvin Donius for about seven years, having met him through a mutual friend in Valley Center. He had been running a thriving produce management and mushroom growing business on his property for many years.

Along came the wildfires of October 2007, which completely destroyed his business. Within a week of the fire Marvin was contacted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials, who have control over environmental issues within the reservation. They wanted to find what Marvin’s cleanup plans were. He told the EPA officials that he had signed up for the county-sponsored cleanup program, which had been contracted out by the county to Granite Construction. When Granite showed up to begin the work members of the Rincon Band of Mission Indians tribe stood in front of the loaders. Granite eventually gave up and left.

Marvin contacted Craig Benson, on-scene coordinator with the EPA. Mr. Benson told Marvin that he would have to hire an environmental firm to assist with the cleanup, under the supervision of the EPA and at his own expense.

That’s where we come into the picture. Marvin hired us to do the cleanup. The very first day on the job Steven shattered his heel bone, requiring two surgeries and several weeks of immobility. As soon as he was able he was back at work, first on crutches, then a walking brace. Before, during, and after the cleanup tests were conducted on the soil and water by an independent, outside lab as well as the EPA’s own lab. (The entire EPA report will be available on this site under Legal Documents, as well as a Hydrogeologist and Fire Marshall’s findings and other related documents follow this brief history).

At every turn, starting with the site cleanup itself to having SDG&E restore power, the Tribe has stonewalled his efforts. Even the telephone company could replace only the lines “outside the property”; the rest had to be finished by us.

By September 2009, Steven and I had gone through bankruptcy and lost our home of seven years to foreclosure. Marvin actually bought a manufactured home and set it up on his property for us to rent. We have been living here ever since, rebuilding our life and running what’s left of our trucking business.

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