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Last Stand At Rincon

The Rincon Band of Mission Indians have placed concrete barricades at the entrance to Steve & Suzanne Rogers-Dial's residence at 33777 Valley Center Road, Valley Center, CA. The couple rent a home on the property from Marvin Donius. They are now blocked from entering or leaving the property. Steve and Suzanne say they are prepared to stay on the property as long as necessary in solidarity with Donius.

The property was once part of the Rincon Indian Reservation, but it was sold to nontribal members in the 1960s, making it private land not part of the reservation. In 1982, the land was purchased by the Rincon Mushroom Corp. of America and later purchased by Donius in 1999.

The 5-acre property is located directly across the road from the tribe's casino and resort. Rincon officials have said the property was a health and environmental hazard and has ordered it to be cleaned up.

But the land that once was part of the reservation is now privately held by Marvin Donius, who says the property is not subject to the tribe's jurisdiction or laws. For years, the Rincon tribe has tried to get the owner to comply with its regulations using the Intertribal Court of Southern California, but Donius has rejected the court's authority over his property.

Timeline Facts:

- In 1960 the property was "allotted and conveyed out of Tribal ownership", and since that time, the property continuously has been, and now remains, non-Indian fee land.

- In 1982 Rincon Mushroom Corp. of America, a non-Indian corporation, purchased from a non-Indian the five acres of land.

- In 1999 the land sold to current owner Marvin Donius, also a non-Indian. The land was used and leased to various businesses and residents, and grew mushrooms as well as other produce.

- In December 2005 and January 2006 the Rincon tribe embarked upon successful efforts to 'chill' and ultimately kill a proposed purchase of property by FF Realty, LLC.

- 2007 wildfire burned up everything on the property. Tenants barely escaped with their lives, some were injured fleeing property.

- Since the 2007 wildfires, the tribe has refused to give San Diego Gas & Electric permission to restore power to the property by falsely representing that there was no 'easement for electrical service' on the property, according to a complaint filed by Donius in federal court.

- On December 29, 2007 the tribe attempted to prevent a 'clean up' of portions destroyed by the fire by blocking a contractor for the County of San Diego.

- January 14, 2008 the tribe falsely represented to the California Highway Patrol, the AAA Auto Club of Southern California and a firm known as Automotive Specialists, that land use is under the jurisdiction of the Rincon Band and that they were operating as an unauthorized business and violates federal and tribal law.

- Following the 2007 wildfires, Rincon's tribal government enacted its Tribal Environmental Policy Ordinance in an effort to eliminate environmental problems and fire hazards on the reservation.

- On Oct. 20, 2009, Donius filed a lawsuit in federal court against tribal officials saying that tribal rules do not apply on his property because it is private land. Judge William Hayes dismissed the case last month saying that Donius first had to follow through with the tribal court process.

- On Oct. 26, 2010, the Rincon Band of Mission Indians placed three concrete barricades at the entrance to the property, blocking access.

- Read the Legal Documents and decide for yourself!


Good morning Edward Sifuentes, (North County Times)
Remember way back in late 2010 when you ran a couple of articles about our situation on the Rincon reservation (Steve & Suzanne's Last Stand...). The tribe's claim is that Marvin Donius is polluting the ground water on this property across the street from Harrah's Rincon Casino.

You may be interested to know that the tribe is in the process of putting in a gas station on the south side of the casino property, adjacent to the San Luis Rey River Basin. From what we have heard the Environmental Impact Study didn't pass muster. I believe those results are public record: perhaps you could look into the matter.

Do you find it as ironic as we do that the tribe can do whatever they choose on the property in near proximity but Marvin, the legal land owner, is barricaded off, and prohibited from, using his property because he is viewed as a threat to the environment?

Steven & Suzanne Rogers-Dial

Local Newspaper Says No to Paid Ad
I won’t speculate as to the nature of our local “newspaper’s” position on any of this, but I do find their behavior toward us interesting.

Early in October, not long after the Tribe served their most recent “court order” in an attempt to clear the property of all occupants, Steven stopped by the Valley Roadrunner office to see if they were interested in the story. David Ross, the editor, told Steven to have his lawyer contact him. Yeah, right! Sounded like “no thanks” to us so we just let it go at that.

Last Tuesday Steven went in to place a 2”x3” ad reading, “Get the facts about life on the reservation, visit:”. Steven received a phone call a while later from the owner, Shirley Good, informing him that she would not run our paid advertising. Her refusal was based on her argument that she did not want to get in the middle of a dispute. That same day Steven when went to get our money back (and cancel our subscription) he asked to speak to Ms. Good. He was told she was out of the country, which, I believe makes it even more interesting that she would take time away from her itinerary to call Steven personally.

Sign Violation Citation
Friday morning we got our banner raised and 6:10 Sunday morning we were served with the attached "civil citation". As you can see it comes with a $500 fine and a tribal court date. It kind of seems like the Tribe, along with the help of our local newspaper, is trying to keep us from letting folks know about what's going on here on the Rincon reservation.

Officer Musick representing Rincon Tribal Law Enforcement dropped this off yesterday afternoon, voiding the citation.



Steve's Arrest Report
The charges against Steven were finally dropped after five months of wrangling with lawyers, ADA's, the sheriff's department, and the tribe because documentation the arresting officer listed in his report could not be produced for discovery! Click for story
Local Newspaper
Says No to Paid Ad
Click for story
Officer Musick representing Rincon Tribal Law Enforcement dropped off this letter voiding the civil citation yesterday afternoon.
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